St. John's Lutheran Church
1905 - 1961

This classic country church is located on Riggsville Rd., just east of I-75, between Pellston and Cheboygan, Michigan. For many years, my day job took me past this church. I had the opportunity to observe and photograph this iconic image in every season, light and condition. It was a great joy to see the seasons and years unfold. (See Gallery). Elevated somewhat above Riggsville Rd., and flanked by a row of ancient maple trees, St. John's is set in the middle of rolling, rich farm land.

This image was taken in 1983 after an intense ice storm. The sun came out bright, and it was a race to get to the church before the ice started to melt and fall. This photo I call Crystal Cathedral, and my favorite. The ice started to crack and fall just as I shot the last frame.

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