Welcome to this juncture of a journey that started in 1971 with my first Month Poem (see below gallery). Later, in 1978 there was a photography class. Ever since, combining these two media has been a passion. It is said, "A picture is worth a thousand words". That being said, poetry can express feelings unseen. Putting the two together, when it's right, can offer a deeper and more meaningful experience. This is not an easy process. Out of the thousands of photographic images, and dozens of poems I have produced, there are only 26 works included here that I feel reach a higher level, than either medium by itself. This is called Poetography, a term recently coined to describe this process.

In the galleries that follow, there are two that are the inspiration for the name of this endeavor. They each demonstrate the awesome power and beauty of nature. The Inland House Fire occurred March 7, 1989. The temperature was well below zero, and in a 12 hr. period, the oldest historic hotel in Emmet County, seemed to evaporate. The transformation was stunning. Another historic building is St. John's Lutheran Church near Cheboygan, Michigan. Here, it is ice and not fire that makes the magic. A late winter ice storm coated everything in sight with about an inch of ice. When the skies cleared, the bright sun turned this country church into a crystal cathedral. The effect was dazzling.

Old Barns and Houses . This has always been a favorite subject. They represent a link to the recent past in this region of Michigan. Remains of the early homesteads are fast disappearing, and many of the ones seen in this gallery are now gone.

Alanson . This gallery is by far the largest in this collection. This community is just 1 square mile in size, with less than 1,000 residents. My children make five generations to live here. Since 1978 I have documented the activities and many scenic attractions Alanson is noted for. With the exception of a couple of aerials, all the photos seen here were taken within the Village Limits, including the nature scenes.

This web site will expand as more galleries are added, as well as a poetry blog. After decades of writing and photography, I am ready to take the risk and expose it to the world.

The Month Poems

As published on the Pure Michigan Travel Blog

Other Works

By Photographer Doug Houseworth

Inland House Fire

By Photographer Doug Houseworth

St. John's Lutheran Church

By Photographer Doug Houseworth

Old Barns and Houses

By Photographer Doug Houseworth


By Photographer Doug Houseworth


By Photographer Doug Houseworth

The Maiden Voyage of the Marilyn Jean

By Photographer Doug Houseworth

  • Doug Houseworth

    Doug spent 43 years creating 12 poems inspired by Michigan's spectacular changing seasons. His work is truly a labor of Pure Michigan love.


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